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With Papyr, you can effortlessly save, share and read articles, essays and blogs from all over the web. Create collections, follow friends, share new reads and find new reads via the platform and your network.

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Organise your reads

Be it for research or amble curiosity — create topical collections of articles, highlight the noteworthy and take notes within your reads.

Discover new reads

Instead of endlessly browsing Twitter for new reads, you can easily find your next read on Papyr. Follow what your friends are reading, browse new topics, and see what’s popular on the platform.

No distractions

Papyr’s reader mode lets you read your favourite online reads without the clutter of general webpages.

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looking for

Papyr lets you discover new reads based on your interests. Browse through topics, or dip into the stream and see what your friends are reading.

Reader mode

No more clutter while you’re reading online. Customise Papyr’s built-in reader mode to your liking, and read-distraction-free.

Highlight and note

Keep track of what’s important to you: highlight parts you wish to save for later and note down your ideas. Find it all in one simple overview.

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Private posts and collections

We want to give users the option to keep their reading private. Set your sharing activity and collections private so only you or your followers can see what you read.

Browse by topic

Be more specific about what you read. Filter articles based on topics.

Papyr extension

Save articles from anywhere on the internet. (edited)