About us

Papyr started off as most ideas do — as a conversation. Wes and I were chatting about an article he had found online. We noted that we had to put in quite a bit of effort to find interesting reads: generally, we exchanged articles over text, and often scourged Twitter for more suggestions. Still, Twitter was cluttered: we were often fighting the urge to scroll through the feed ad nauseam. After some conversation with coworkers and friends, we got the idea to make a platform that focuses solely on bringing users interesting reads and letting them share these with their community.

We set out to build a read-it-later app, but one where the users can discover what others find interesting, and share articles with each other. We kept in touch with our initial, small user-base, and tried to listen closely to find out what they wished Juno could do for them, and how we could make Juno a useful tool.

We are now working on making our reader customisable and efficient: one that lets you highlight and note 📝  what is important to you. To make discovering relevant reads quicker, we are integrating topics and collections: users will be able to curate articles and share their collections with their communities.

   —  Jorrit Keijzer & Wes Botman